Mar 2019

We have concluded our 1st furniture exhibition for 2019 at EFE Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (9-12 March). With more than 40 new designs for sofa bed and introduction of our new sleeper sofa, it was a big success for ESF. We have received tremendous support from our existing customer that never miss to visit us and we had the opportunity to offer our product to new customer. We strive hard to meet the EFE objective which is Fine Furniture for World Market.

We are honor to receive the visitation from Minister of Primary Industries, YB Teresa Kok to our booth on 11th March 2019.

We will continue to invest in making more products to offer to the world market and we look forward to meet you again during our visit to selective counties thru out 2019. We also hope to see you again in the next exhibition in Malaysia in 2020.

Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) Malaysia | March 2019 | Thank You