Alex Vaysman

"Business is all about making the right products and services at the right price."

Alex Vaysman
Strategic Business Advisor
Je Hong Kim

"I'm excited to share our journey and future with our client, supplier and stakeholder in bringing a luxury lifestyle to every home."

Je Hong Kim
Alex Rubinshteyn

"If you wait until you're ready, you'll be waiting the rest of your life."

Alex Rubinshteyn
Strategic Business Advisor
Since Year 2004

Eastern Smart Furniture Sdn Bhd (ESF) is a renowned brand of manufacturing and supplying outstanding quality furniture from Malaysia, China and Vietnam since year 2004. We are proud to be recognized as one of the valued brand and partner of our clientele which has further giving us an opportunity to embark into a new journey – A NEW BRAND.

Customers from 50 Countries

Our objectives are to develop innovative and high quality furniture and to provide unparalleled services and commitment to our customer from more than 50 countries around the world.

Product Range with 3000 SKUs

Our product range includes bedroom sets, dining sets, sofa and sofa bed, occasional item and children furniture. Our designs are highly acclaimed for all ranges of furniture – from classic to contemporary to modern, from semi and fully knock-down furniture to fully assembled pieces. Whilst we take pride in our highly sought-after designs, we can also manufacture in accordance to the requirements of our international clienteles.

Containers Shipped Every Year 2200++

The trust and confident in believing ESF have brought us the HOME ACCESSORIES segment into our family. As part of our new journey, we are also collaborating with one of the world renowned brand namely Global Furniture USA as well as working with an A-List celebrities from United States of America. Every year, we are shipping out more than 2200 containers worldwide and we are constantly growing our operations in Asia.

Warehouse Space 40,000 sqft

Recognizing the needs of our customers, we have instituted the 1st logistic warehouse located at Muar, Malaysia in 2019 with 40,000 sqft intended to guarantee quick delivery. This facility also provide us with the flexibility to satisfy customer needs by providing containers of mixed products.

ESF Partners Trustworthy & Reliability
Trustworthy & Reliability

We maintain strict quality control with constant upgrading of our production facilities. We look forward to serving our customer with competitive pricing, unceasing improvements product quality, diversification of our product ranges and world class customer service support. Our hallmarks of excellence – efficient production, speedy delivery, trustworthy and reliability which makes ESF your most valued partner.

Ideal Export Visible Success

  1. 1st choice link between high quality controlled product and customer
  2. A chain with the market’s most attractive product ranges compared to design, price and quality which maximizing profit potential
  3. A company which is an expert in managing the complexities of global sourcing and distribution
  4. A chain which reflected in our motto