We The Best Home is the ultimate case study representing Global Furniture
USA and ESF ability to design, build and distribute completely custom made collections

Envisioned and commissioned by DJ Khaled, We The Best® Home has propelled itself from concept to reality in just two short years. As one of the world’s hottest and most trending entertainers, DJ Khaled is the ultimate to share Global’s unique capabilities with the world.

We The Best® Home is Global’s answer to a high-velocity, private label application of our proven design, manufacturing and distribution model. By partnering with the world’s biggest celebrities, including our inaugural flagship line We The Best® Home by DJ Khaled, Global is able to tap into a whole new world of highly-branded furniture, accessories and lifestyle products in direct-to-consumer, retail and eCommerce applications.

Global has established exclusive relationships with factories that not only design furniture just for our company, but give us the means to design

and build furniture exclusively for specific customers and sell direct containers to major dealers. We’ve taken our own core competencies and used them in part to prove the highly-effective processes and relationships we foster at Global. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date on We The Best® Home and our roadmap for our future collaborations.

“An expression of our unique capabilities”

We are pleased to introduce our customers and partners to We The Best Home, a B2C brand designed to disrupt the furniture industry in an exciting and innovative way. Stapled by larger-than-life collection, We The Best Home will allow DJ Khaled’s fans to bring a piece of their idoll into their homes forever.