• Managing Director | Je Hong Kim

    Mr. Je has been with the company since 2004. Prior to ESF, he had held various position from executive to managerial level in different industries namely business and financial consultancy, Investment bank and retail banking. He was made to Directorship in March 2015.

    Mr. Je’s diversified background and keen eye for design, fashion and style, enable the company and his team to provide its customers with outstanding quality of product and exquisite design. He has an in-depth understanding and expertise in managing complexities of global sourcing and distribution.

    He was passionate about building a sustainable business with the intention to bring comfort and joy to every home worldwide.

    He loves travelling and he was a black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, a martial art from Korea.

  • Assistant General Manager | Wong Siew Voon

    Graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Marketing & Management and I have been in furniture export industry for more than 8 years with comprehensive knowledge and experience in oversea market. With the leadership and guidance from management, I’m now the Assistant General Manager in ESF who oversee business development, shipping and customer service team. I’m always on task with an ability to identify marketing strategies and implement direction positively driven by company objectives, business needs and sales targets.

    Cheerful, trustworthy, capable and passionate are some of the words that my team and customer describe about me. I always believe every initiative pays for a return.

  • Asia Quality Control Manager | Collin He Lu Qing

    Mr. Collin has been engaging in the furniture exporting industry for more than 20 years. He held various position prior to being the Asia Quality Control Manager at ESF. His expertise are in the area of quality control, production processes, technical aspect of a product and material sourcing.

    He has a profound knowledge on exportation process, distribution, third party product test and standard as well as factory audit.

    Mr. Collin provide endless effort in making sure that the product is being deliver as promised, always enforce good quality control practices and continuous developing talented team as meeting company long term objectives.

  • Account and Human Resource Manager | Maggie Chang Lee Peng

    Ms Maggie has 15 years of work experience in accounting and finance practices as well as Human Resources. She was very meticulous, precise and analytical in the work she performed and always advice the best practices for the company in achieving a workplace of choice.

    Ms Maggie enjoy the challenges as the company is on the expanding phase. It was a great pleasure to grow with a company together with a highly motivated team that is always keeping abreast with the industry best practices.

    The company and management always ensure that the opinion and suggestion from the employees are was included in the business planning which drive ESF to a next level.

  • General Manger | Coke Chew Thuan Kok

    I was very fortunate to fall in love with the furniture design in my earlier life. I started with designing furniture, research and development and later in manufacturing processes. I’m the co-research and development engineer at Ashley Furniture and co-factory manager of furniture manufacturing plants.

    With couple cups of café Americano and sleepless nights, I discover how big the furniture industries are and that inspired me in endless design ideas.

    Today, I am the General Manager at ESF which are one of the company that is expanding rapidly where we build our mission and version – Ideal Export with Visible Success together with our talented and committed Asian team. Recently, I have crafted the designs which collaborated with a Hollywood® celebrity, another step in Silk Road to success.

    With my expertise and strong team, we will deliver what we committed and create a new wave for the millennial.